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Sushi Matching is a puzzle game at gogy for kids Games. It sounds like a cooking game, but it is not a cooking game. It is puzzle matching game. You help a Japanese cook to match sushi pieces. You can do it. There is a board of sushi pieces. The board changes the shape and structure through levels. Your main task is to switch 2 sushi pieces to make lines of 3 or more pieces; when you create rows or columns, they will vanish and new ones appear. You have points as pieces disappear.


This game requires quick-witness and sharp eyesight. Are you into sushi? Sushi is popular Japanese food. In the game at juegos gogy 2, play as an assistant helping a chef and make arranges of sushi pieces. Catch up with targets! You are a happy camper in Sushi Matching game. Many types of sushi are offered and you have to complete targets to win the game. 


In different limited durations, targets are various, you must eliminate separate kinds of sushi. E.g, in stage 1, you play in 1 minute and remove 20 pieces of one kind of sushi. In stage 2, you play in 1 minute 10 seconds and remove 2 kinds of sushi with different amounts. 


After you victory a level, you will see your results inclusion scores, bonus time scores and total score. The sooner you finish a level, the more points you get.  If you play OK, you will given gold stars (You can get maximum 3 stars in each level). If you cannot achieve the target in the limited time, you lose the game and replay to start that level again.


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Use your mouse to play.

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