Agar.io GamePlay:

Agar.io is a fun addicting MMO game at gogy 2 game free online. In the game, you control a round colored cell in a map that looks like a square lined paper. Your objective is to grow a cell by swallowing both randomly generated small colored dots, which slightly increase a cell's mass and smaller cells without being swallowed by larger ones. If all of your cell's mass is being swallowed by another player, then you lose. The more mass your cell have, the slower it will get. Large cells also continuously lose their mass.


In Agar IO at gogy 4 unblocked, you can also to customize your cell with different nicknames; symbols and skins you can choose yourself. During the 'Team mode', all the players are divided into 3 teams & 3 different colors, the team with the most mass wins. In 'Private Mode', allows you to invite some friends and create your own rules. Aside, 'Rush Mode', in which you have only 5 minutes to grow as much as possible.


The starting mass of every player is 10 points. Every collected colored dot will add 1 point and you will automatically get all their points added to your current mass. In Agario, the players are able to gain levels - Advanced levels have higher starting mass and unlock new skins. 


To reach the next level, you need to have enough experience. The amount of experience, depends on how long you survive and how many players you kill??? After reaching the next level, you will also receive some coins. You can use to buy more experience - XP Boost, or increase your starting mass - Mass Boost for the limited amount of time and of course, you can buy new skins in the Agario store.


If you like Agario, you should definitely try out our other .IO game like Tolxy.io and Slither.io at http://gogy2.xyz/. We are glad to see your suggestions about the game. Rate it if you like it. Have a good time!



Use your mouse to play. 

Press W key to eject mass

Press Spacebar to split yourself.

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