Fruits Link Match 3 GamePlay:

Test your reflexes and speed of connecting the fruits in our Gogy new game: Fruits Link Match3! Enjoy this lovely setting and background of the puzzle game while figuring out which group of fruits to collect! You need to connect as many fruits of the same type as possible. Make sure to observe first to select the chains with the most fruits. You can choose to connect them in the horizontal, vertical, or diagonal order.

The only requirement is that they need to be next to each other. If you can create a link of three or more identical fruits, the link will be considered approved. Gain the highest records possible within a limited time as shown on the time bar at the top of the screen. Be flexible in creating new links and make sure to use your strategy to gather a lot of delicious and juicy fruits from this board.

Speed is one of the most crucial elements of this game, however, the ability to choose the right move in order to create a long line of chains will shine brightly as well. Keep your eyes on the cluster of fruits that appears to be huge while monitoring the time progress. This game shall be a perfect and lovely option for kids of all ages to play during their weekend thanks to the bright and vibrant graphics!

Let's compete with your brother and sister to see who will be the first to win this arcade game at gogy 2 player! As the final goal is to clear off as many fruits from the board as possible, use the hints and boosters if you want to. Also, the longer the chains, the more bonuses you will get. Spice up the fun time with more arcade-based games like Candy Link later!

How to play:

Click using the mouse to choose the fruits.