Arcade Darts GamePlay:

In the Arcade Darts, you will shoot the given darts so that they can hit the dartboard and score points. The dartboard is divided into 4 scoring sections. The value of each section is presented by numbers, from the center (the bulls-eye) outwards, respectively 100, 50, 25 and 10. When you successfully hit a section, you will score the points value of that section. Then, try to aim the highest-value section.


Here at http://gogy2.xyz/, to aim your shot, you need to adjust the two horizontal and vertical navigational bars. It may be a bit difficult to implement in the beginning, but after several shots, you can master it. Another thing you should pay attention to when aiming is that some bombs are stuck on the board. Thus, aim carefully avoiding the bombs if you don’t want to lose the game.


There are just 10 darts during the game. So, do you think you can get 1000 points? Improve your skills through replays and hit the best score! Good luck!


It will be more fun to share the game with your friends and compare your score with theirs. You may want to play the following games: Dart FRVR and Knife Ninja. Many genres with a lot of nice games are updated every day at http://gogy2.xyz/ and you can explore them with a few clicks. Enjoy your time!


How to play?

Use your mouse to play this game on the computer or tap on the screen when you play it on the mobile phone.

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