Dig It GamePlay:

Will obstacles prevent you from joining Dig It at http://gogy2.xyz/? The ball may collide with any sharp obstacle and explode. Therefore, please observe the most accurate path that you can complete when joining this game world. The holes appear and you can draw a path for the ball with all the challenges that this game has brought to online game players around the world. Share your gameplay if you pass any difficulty level. This is considered an interesting game that players love in recent weeks.

An attractive game with many levels has attracted online players around the world. Are you ready to join and overcome this special game without being bothered by ads or game loading speed? Move through all the sharp obstacles and complete the challenge you have today. You can imagine that this is a golf game. Gogy2 has updated a lot of new games of different topics for game players around the world. You can be overwhelmed with thousands of special games today. Save them all to your favorite games list and share it with friends. Every player wants to join the special game space and give the best play tips to overcome them.

When participating in this game, you must find your way to the final location without colliding with sharp obstacles. At the same time, you need to collect diamonds on the move and get high scores for each level. Truly this journey will attract you to join. Some similar games are for you like Catch The Candy and Flappy Cave Bat. Get ready to join and discover after every working hour.

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to draw the path for your ball

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