Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure GamePlay:

Ball Tales is a platformer adventure game where you play as a ball that must roll your way to find the holy treasure.

The sacred treasure is in peril! A band of warriors have snatched it and fled. Join an exciting adventure to aid the balls in reclaiming it. Tricky traps, lethal spikes, and blades lie in wait, but the balls are courageous. The puzzles are tough, but the balls are resourceful. Immerse yourself in this story-like journey and help them succeed.

The holy treasure is in danger! Warriors stole it and ran away.Join an exciting adventure to help the balls to take it back. Tricky traps,deadly spikes and blades are on the way but balls are brave. Puzzles are hard to solve but balls are clever. A story like adventure, jump into action and help them.

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Controlling key: Use the mouse or touch to Screen!.

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