Gravity Ball GamePlay:

Gravity Ball game at Gogy is one of the most exciting speed games that is suitable for speed enthusiasts. The game promises to bring players an exciting and engaging experience of speed and new challenges. However, the game has a special feature that you should pay attention to go as far as possible. You will have to flip to change the position of the ball to avoid hitting obstacles everywhere.


At Gogy, obstacles will appear continuously on a section of the road at both the top and bottom. These obstacles will include sharp spikes, iron boxes or arrows. All of them will break your ball right after it collides with them. So, your greatest goal is to control the ball wisely and help it to be destroyed. To do this, you will have to change the position of the ball continuously before the obstacles arrive.


As you know, the speed of the game is extremely fast and dangerous, so you will not have time to think, instead you have to act fast and accurately with your ball. You must watch carefully because the distance between the obstacles is extremely short. In addition, another important task for you is that you should concentrate to collect the precious diamonds on the track. Be careful because they often appear close to obstacles. Explore more with.........at http://gogy2.xyz/. Good luck!


Use your left mouse to play the game.

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