Bouncing Egg GamePlay:

Gogy 2 land brought a new gaming option for the fans of the casual genre to explore during their free time, with the name of Make the Egg Bounce. Thanks to the simple yet addictive gameplay, there are limitless chances for you to play and break the previous records on the Leaderboard. The main goal for the players of this game is to use the egg bounciness to crack the pieces of blocks that are scattered on the rolling wheels.

As the wheels rotate on a random circulation within your control, you can estimate the rotation of the wheel to make sure the egg can hop in the right place. If you manage to destroy the angry faces placed on the wheels as soon as possible, you will be able to remove the risk of jeopardizing the egg life! Do your best to crack the blocks with a straight tap-down on the top of them instead of a side-touch, as this might cause the eggs to crack easier.

Moreover, the game is not time-based, which means that you need to do your best to stay alive in the game for as long as possible. Move from one wheel to another without failing any mission to gain the top scores! Dive into the endless world of this casual game with a new type of gameplay that is easy to understand but hard to master.

There are lots of chances for you to enhance and improve your gaming skills with the best performance ever. Keep hopping and bouncing with the round egg to get your baskets filled with the finished wheels. Don't forget that our new game list consists of other equally fun choices such as 2 4 8 Link Identical Numbers with no required costs at https://gogy2.xyz/!


Tap or click on the screen using the left mouse button to make the circles rotate.

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