Easter Egg Hunting GamePlay:

A new race with your various missions will appear in the Easter Egg Hunting game at http://gogy2.xyz/. The player incarnates as a rabbit and moves between the 5 circles that appear in the game. A circle is rotating in the center and 4 small circles are around. Each egg appears in different positions and players need to move around the circles until they collect the egg and win their special game.

If you are not connected to the circle, you will be moved out and end your game. Therefore, pay attention to the distance you need to move and quickly collect all the Easter eggs for the upcoming holiday season. Players only need to keep their own gaming tips and complete them when they have free time. New games with different themes are updated in your game at Gogy2 unblocked games. What are you waiting for and don't join and unlock all levels today?

After you collect the egg, return to the center circle to easily move to the other circles. Each circle is likened to a vacuum that the player uses to move in space. Players will be ready for the journey of these special eggs. Don't hesitate to unlock all your games today. Game space is created for each player to choose the most suitable theme and age. You will know how to move and complete all quests with special gaming skills.

Share a game with other players or hold a contest to see who gets the most Easter eggs. In addition, you can also participate in some similar games such as Toy Claw and Popeye Adventures


Press the left mouse button to move through different circles.

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