Clansmen.io GamePlay:

Clansmen.io is a Moo moo io styled game which you'll surely love on Gogy io new game. You are a king on a mission to rebuild his land. You main task is to expand your settlement. You must build key buildings to generate resources to use to defend your kingdom from other hostiles and and survive oncoming attacks. 


In this survival game at gogy 2 play online free, you can choose to battle by yourself and defend the land with your own character, or you can find some other players to join a clan with. If you select join up with others, you can create a clan and defend each other's kingdom together making you a powerful unit. Don't forget to collect resources and build web buildings. Howeve simple however built-in tutorial will explain you the rules at first.


If you cooperate with other players, you've more chance for a rapid growth. You can create a new clan or join existing, because it will also help to defend your settlement more effectively. In addition, you can also attack other players and destroy enemy's buildings! 


We hope the game gets enough player to make game play smooth and to add new features! Please rate it 5 stars and tell me your feelings of it. Share the game with your friends to have fun and discover other related games like Paper.io at http://gogy2.xyz/



Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move

The left click to attack/gather

B key to enter build mode

E key to use

{123456} to select an item/building

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