Delsaran World RPG GamePlay:

Delsaran World RPG is the cartoon RPG game in which you'll surely love on gogy play. Welcome to a new world - Hero. Defend your village from the savage wolf enemiesand become the greatest hero across the land.Travel around the map developing and growing your character by completing quests and and improve your character as the game goes. Can you start this quest? 


Here at gogy.com unblocked, your quest is about to begin. After you complete quests, you will be rewarded new powerful armor and weapons from villagers to show their gratitude. Creat your hero and increase their power as you defeat the wolf enemies one by one. The big boss awaits you, therefore make sure that you're ready and go save the village!


If you have a fancy for the game, recommend it to friends. Rate it with 5b star and give us your feedback. Have fun with Death Row  at http://gogy2.xyz/



◉ Very nice cartoonish artworks

◉ 2 character class options

◉ Complete RPG features: level, shops, and skills

◉ Wolf enemies

◉ The ability to strengthen character's status



The left mouse button to move character

{1,2,...} to cast skill

Right click to move camera

The mouse scroll to zoom in/out

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