World Cup Penalty 2018 GamePlay:

During the World Cup season, you can't miss out on the collection of football games from gogy soccer games. Not only will you be emerged in the spirit of the matches but you will experience the fun of scoring some goals! In this game, you will have the chance to go up against the best football teams of 2018 from all over the world!


First, look through the list of available team and choose your favorite one. You will take the turn to play as a striker or goalkeeper. If you are a striker, your ultimate mission is to score the perfect goal. But if you are the goalkeeper, don't let any ball roll in the net! The mission remains the same as that of a real football match. This gogy games play now will help you strengthen your skills and reflexes in an intense match. However, it's all about the perfect timing and good reflexes.


You will shoot the ball or defense the net using the moving meter on the game screen. You have to stop the ball when it reaches the perfect band or line to choose the force and the direction. The higher the level, the faster the movement of the ball will be. In order to win all the levels in this challenging game, you need to stay sharp, aim and observe carefully.


Show your talent to the world by playing more football games from http://gogy2.xyz/ at Toon Cup 2018 and Penalty Challenge. Let's score some goals now!


How to play: click on the screen to stop the meter.

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