Empire: Millennium Wars GamePlay:

Empire: Millennium Wars is an awesome MMO empire building game at goggy games. Join the war for Millennium! You have been sent to build a massive colony there! There are precious resources on Mars. Train your units and command them in action packed battles and use them to build your base. Explore the surrounding area to battle other players and mine the rare resource Millennium and ship the highest amount possible to the Mars Trade Federation. 


It’s the new gold rush in space with Earth corporations flocking to Mars in a bid to get the biggest share of the pie at gogy games online 2018. Who will dominate the Millennium mining? Trying to focus on what we can control the Mars Trade Federation with their corporate empire. Compete with other corporations to dominate the mining industry on Mars. Use any means necessary to crush your rivals. Rule the Mars Trade Federation! 


Life on the Mars is hard; Only the strongest will survive! Register for free. Start building your empire on your PC or mobile device. Take a glance at http://gogy2.xyz and seek new games such as The Scale Of The Universe 2 and King Soldiers 4. Enjoy! 



----- Awesome MMO game set in Mars

----- Place various buildings to build your base

----- Various military units to train, such as heavy troops and tanks

----- Occupying other areas by expandable base

----- Can team up with other players' colony and fight others


How to play?

Use the left mouse button to play.