Drunken Slap Wars GamePlay:

The fun of this game Drunken Slap Wars from Gogy land will come from the upbear gameplay and thrilling matches between the drunk stickman! Don't let any other opponent overcome you and your slapping technique! If you can control your hands and slap your opponent with the most force, you will soon defeat him and win the current match. Drunk stickman shall be the main character of this hilarious war.

Once you stop the indicator on the right green zone on the parameter, you can give the most force. The slap that you deliver will be much balanced and powerful. However, if you stop the arrow when it's in the red area, the slap shall be lighter. Let's do the best you can to remove all the scores of your opponent because this is the way to win! Try to stop the slap bar when it reaches the green area.

The best players shall be able to get used to the movement of the arrow and bring the most efficient strategy! The closer you get to the green zone, the higher your opponent's deduction scores will be. Moreover, this game allows up to two players. You can either play by yourself against the machine or get a close friend to share the hilarious moment! For newbies, it's recommended that you practice slowly with the first few levels to know the basics.

This game from https://gogy2.xyz/ will be a fabulous option for kids who enjoy a bit of spicy gameplay and thrilling matches! Do you know that our gaming list is updated daily and it's filled with brand new games like Giant Snowball Rush or Hex A Mong? Come for the best playtime of your holiday or day-off and spread the positivity to some friends of yours!

How to play: Click to stop the indicator and throw the slaps.