Falling Ballz GamePlay:

In the Falling Ballz, all you have to do simply is to throw the ball to break up various shapes scattered around the screen. The rule is that once a shape hit the top of the screen, you lose the game immediately. So, do everything possible to stop this thing from happening. In the game, new shapes are added continuously after your turn is finished. And if you can’t take out a certain number of shapes in a turn, the shapes will be closer to the top, which means that it’s game over imminently. Thus, take in everything that’s playing out in your game.


Keep an eye on the highest shape as well as its state and then hit it first in the next turn to take down some of its health and ideally remove it. Throughout the game, you will have chances to collect small white power-ups and receive extra balls. And the more balls you have, the more hits you can inflict each turn.


Here at gogy games unblocked, you don’t have to be fast but need to be accurate. The circular shapes are easy enough to hit, but you should consider the square and triangular shapes. Then, take your time and aim well to use the ball efficiently and destroy as many shapes as you can. Good luck and have fun!


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How to play? Use your mouse to play this game on the computer or tap on the game screen when playing on other devices.

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