Falling Orbs GamePlay:

You want to set foot on another planet. You want to try the feeling of flying in space. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover the Falling Orbs online game at gy games. I believe it is very interesting for game lovers to explore. In this game, you will help minion move the spacecraft to avoid falling planet. Imagine, lost universe orbit, the planets are not in their place. They will fly in space continuously and very quickly.


So, the ship loses direction, your goal is to have a skillful observation, control the ship to the left, to the right to avoid collision with the falling planet. If you move incorrectly, the spacecraft will collide with the planet and the game will end. You want adventure longer, in the process of moving the spacecraft, you need to accumulate plenty of pink diamonds and time symbols. This will help you increase the score and extend the time in the game.


Please try to accumulate maximum. It will be very useful. Note that, the planet falls continually and does not follow the orbit. Will make you difficult to move the spacecraft. You must watch carefully, move the ship accurately to achieve the highest scores. How many points will you get? You can help minion overcome the obstacles to survive? It all depends on your talent. What are you waiting for?


Let's start this adventure right now! Do not forget to share with your friends when you experience the Falling Orbs game for free. Besides, if you love this game, you can try some similar games such as Flip Cube and Bouncy Run in http://gogy2.xyz/. This chance is for you to laugh happily every time!



Use the arrow keys to control your cube in the game.

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