First Snow GamePlay:

In the First Snow, you will go forward to capture the falling snowflakes while dodging the red maple leaves. The game gives you 3 lives, which means that you are only allowed to make 3 mistakes. Each time you touch the leaves, you lose a life. Thus, try to move as carefully as possible!


Here at gogy 2018 games , you can also earn power-ups shaped like crystal jars to raise your score faster. For example, a blue jar can help to attract surrounding snowflakes so that you are able to gather them easier. The more snowflakes you capture, the more points you will get.


It's exciting that as you gain further snowflakes, the value of the points you receive starts from 1 and increases continuously creating a number sequence. And so, your score will go up rapidly. However, the sequence must start again once you continue with a new life. Collect more beautiful snowflakes and keep the wonderful moments of the winter!


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How to play?

Use your mouse to play this game on the computer or tap directly on the screen when playing on the mobile phone.

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