Fish Eat Fish 3 Player GamePlay:

In the Fish Eat Fish, you are a humble little fish in the ocean, and there are various fishes moving around you. This is a merciless world that you only have two choices: Eat or Be Eaten. You need to eat fish smaller than you to grow up while avoiding being eaten by bigger ones. Once you encounter a bigger fish, you lose the game immediately. So, keep your eyes to observe and move wisely.


A small tip for you is that keeping a distance far enough from the two left and right sides of the map will help you take prompt action when the bigger fish suddenly come. Here at gogy for kids, you can choose to play alone or play in 2 Players or 3 Players mode. If you choose to play with your friends, let’s work together to stay alive and grow in size as quickly as possible and amass a huge score.


You can also customize your fish according to your preferences by changing the kind of fish as well as their colors. This game will be a great choice for relaxation because of its cool colorful graphics and joyful music. Enjoy the game!


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How to play?

Press Arrow keys to control the Player 1;

WSAD keys to control the Player 2

Use your mouse to control the Player 3.

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