The Unique Fish GamePlay:

Each fish has a different shape and you need to find a different fish when participating in The Unique Fish at gogy online. This is a new game that any player wants to relax and entertain. Join a puzzle game that players will train agility and care during the game. You need to find a fish unlike the other fish at each level and win with the highest score. Do not let the score decrease and you have not guessed the exact result.

Take a look at the highest total of points played in this game. This is the latest journey for players to participate after every hour of study or work. This puzzle journey is different from other similar games that http://gogy2.xyz/ have updated. Share your play tips or gameplay with other players. Look for fishes in vertical or horizontal rows to avoid missing any fish. After you find the 2 same fish, eliminate them, and continue searching.

Do not lose too much time for easy levels. Observe the color and shape of each fish. You can then pay attention to their facial expressions. An exciting new game will help players relax. Are you ready to overcome all the new challenges today? Share how you play and the games you love. We also updated some similar games with this game at the website such as Mahjong Remix and Easter Egg Lines. Are you ready to join today?

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to click on the different fish in the game and win with the highest score of each level

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