Choose Gravity GamePlay:

Join the gravity world where you move freely and can collide with other objects at any time in the Choose Gravity game at Gogy unblocked. Many obstacles appear and move on the screen in different directions, so you need to avoid them so that the collision does not happen. You can adjust the direction as quickly as possible to not collide with other objects.


The diamonds also appear in the game where you can collect them to save to your diamond collection in this game. We are always updating gravity games and enabling players to play games without being bothered by any elements such as advertising or load speed. The best way to achieve high scores in this game is to move skillfully in a non-gravity environment.


Turn around as soon as you are about to collide with other objects. .http://gogy2.xyz/ update new games with different versions so that players can experience new content and achieve the highest score in their game. Invite your friends to join the game to open a race and see who won the final in this game. You will surely be surprised to join this special game with more challenges. Save the basic gaming tips to overcome the challenges with the highest score.


We also suggest players join other gravity games similar to this fun game like Shoot Up and Hungry Bob. Each game has its own challenges and other adventures which you can hardly miss in your favorite game list.


How to play: Use the left mouse button to change direction if you prepare to collide with other objects or collect diamonds that appear on the screen

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