Jeff The Killer - Horrendous Smile GamePlay:

Jeff The Killer: Horrendous Smile brings terrible nightmares. You’ve woke up in the middle of the night. Your house is dark and all the lights seem not to work. You’ve heard a strange noise. There is something wrong with your house? Take your flashlight and investigate! The suspicion is right when fresh blood stains on the floor and nothing is the way it used to be.


Jeff the killer is on the loose, and here at gogy.com unblocked, he is looking for you with his army of fierce minions. They are hiding in every corner of the house just waiting for an opportunity to kill you. Now, fight for your life to the best of your abilities. You need to explore all the rooms, search for the keys to get through the crucial doors and find out necessary weapons and items to defeat the enemies.


There are three different weapons: knife, baseball bat and pistol; and you have to use them flexibly so that you can beat your enemies efficiently. Remember that you also need to maintain your power in this fight. Then, collect food along your way to refill the power when it gets low. Finally, be alert, don’t get hurt and overcome all the nightmares!


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How to play?

Press WASD or Arrow keys to walk around;

Left mouse button to fire;

Right mouse button to aim;

R key to reload;

F key to pick up an item or open a door;

Shift key to run;

Ctrl key to crouch;

X key to prone;

Spacebar to jump and rotate the Mouse wheel to change weapons.

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