Kawaii Memory Card Matching Game GamePlay:

Matching-cards game has always been a great option for simple yet addictive and fun gameplay for kids of all ages. There's no need to worry about the interruption, or difficult gameplay as you participate in this new game of Kawaii Memory, our new Gogy 2 kid games with a fun and adorable theme. You will be having fun with card-matching gameplay with the sole purpose of capturing all the possible pairs with similar images. You have to flip over the available cards, two at a time, and find the correct matches with the least moves possible.

This is a new game that focuses on finding the right card pair using your cognitive and observation skill. Thanks to the lovely and colorful card design featuring fruits, vegetables, fun icons, and animals, the kids get to enjoy the game a bit more with the images and train their observation. Another feature of this game will be to test the overall memory and concentration when watching, searching, and matching the cards with their identical partner. They might be right next to each other or scattered on different parts, so a bit of luck might be helping you out in this game too.

Overall, it's a fun challenge to enjoy during your free time and learn to improve your skills. Progress to the highest levels of difficulty possible to conquer the highest titles on the Leaderboard. It's also about ranking and scorings here at Kawaii Memory! Grab a friend or a family member and waste away the boring time with this game on one click at https://gogy2.xyz/puzzle-games ! We do have plenty of other games coming from different genres such as EI.Soul and Eatventure for you to expand your experience and explore more!

Game controls: Use the mouse or touchpad to choose and match the cards.

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