Kunai Throw GamePlay:

Kunai Throw is an interesting and exciting interactive game which is suitable for all ages at goggy games. With simple but challenging gameplay, the game promises to bring a lot of great emotions for the players. In particular, this game will also help you train and improve many skills in life such as ability to interact, observation skills, accuracy level and so on.


The background of this game is extremely simple. You will only see a circle and blue knives. This circle will rotate in random directions clockwise or counterclockwise. Even, it can only rotate in half clockwise and rotate continuously. Can this make you more difficult in the game at juegos gogy? Yes! This will be a big challenge for you to throw the correct knives into the circle. Your goal is to throw the knife into the circle without touching any other knife on the circle.


At the first level, the number of knives will be small, then they will be significantly increased at the next level. The number of knife increases while the area of the circle is fixed. So, you have to watch carefully and throw the knives correctly into the circle. You will not be under pressure of time and number of throws, so you only need to observe and wait for the suitable opportunities to throw the knife into the circle.


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Instructions: You can use the mouse to throw the knife into the circle.

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