Let Me Grow GamePlay:

Oh no! The pretty flowers in Let Me Grow are in desperate need of water to grow! You, as the owner of this garden at gogy 2 games, will be in charge of turning on and off the valves and moving the tiles to let the water flow to the right place. It's a puzzle game yet the soothing graphics and simple gameplay are just perfect for a relaxing afternoon filled with puzzles. To transfer the water from one side to another, simply remove the bricks blocking the water. Valves are for controlling the flow and decide which section gets water.

Things get complicated once you get to higher levels because that's when you need to satisfy the need of four or five different flowers while separating the gnomes. Be creative to take advantage of the blocks, the valves, and even the gnomes. It's best to take a look at the positions of the gnomes and flowers before moving the blocks to plan out the steps beforehand. Moreover, feel free to build any wall that you want using the removed bricks that you took earlier in the stage.

This wall will be very helpful when you need to distribute the water to the flower without making the gnomes wet. In http://gogy2.xyz/, it's all about being creative with every step that you take! Don't forget about other equally fun farm games like Ragdoll Challenge 2 and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Controls: Click on the brick to remove and place them.

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