Lordz2.io GamePlay:

It takes a good strategy from a great commander to conquer all the pieces of land in Lordz2.io game! It's a strategy .io game from Gogy kid games with the latest updates in virtual maps and elaborated rules. It's the game where the real-time players compete against each other thanks to a prominent feature of io games. The tasks for all other them is to build their own army and fight to make it the biggest army to take over the map.

Whenever you defeat another team, that team's territories will automatically become yours. This is the only way to expand your kingdom and unlock the new soldiers to add to your team. At http://gogy2.xyz/ there is a whole system to rank heroes with the main criteria from powers, cavalry units to troops and damage range.

This will make it much more interesting to unlock more heroes and new buildings for your kingdom. Aim for the advanced formation system and the best layers of walls in order to build the best defensive line among the participants. Since the others will aim at you as well, make sure that your base is strong enough to endure any waves of attack.

A tip for the players in this game is to take advantage of the map to keep track of the growing speed and the size of the opponents' kingdoms. You can see this easily by the dots on the map. Conquering other places with the other fighting games like Tombr.io and Drawari.online!


Use the mouse to interact and play.

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