Tap Tap Builder GamePlay:

Tap Tap Builder is an awesome city building game at goggy games. Build the city of your dreams and attempt to build a thriving civilisation and become its mayor! You'll have to roll up your sleeves and do some work such as the roads for transport to travel on and the infrastructure, before leaning back in a comfortable boss's chair. Ensure that you have a large enough population to create the buildings.Much fun!


Want to build a skyscraper at gy games? Tap-tap-tap! You're done! If you feel that you do not have enough money to be secure. What is the real problem? Tap-tap-tap and earn some and save your people! when you're away! Even when you're away, the city keeps growing and bringing you money.


Let's start working right now. There are no time limits for the buildings, you must simply repeatedly click your mouse until the structure is done. Progress at your own pace. Develop as slowly or quickly as you wish! Build the city of your dreams and turn this island into something special? This city won't build itself → tap to build it! If you tired of tapping, hire some workers!


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Controls: Use the left mouse button to build



- Fun simulation game: Clicker element

- No time needed to complete a building

- Build your own city, manually do click work to earn rewards

- Plenty of buildings that you can place

- Tasks to complete to earn rewards

- Level up to unlock more buildings

- Exchange resources with your friends!

- Blocky objects