Marble Duel GamePlay:

Marble Duel is an extremely interesting game at juegos similares de golgi. This is a violent version of Zuma where you match titles in a quest to defeat an opponent. In a kingdom conquered by the cruel witch and her minions, Magic duels are the way to solve any dispute. Try to escape from the evil beasts such as wolves. 


Every monster you encounter will challenge you. The power of spells will help you destroy the enemy. The Marble Duel game at gogy 4 unblcoked, you must fire colored spheres at the row of spheres in the middle of the map and attempt to match three or more together to do damage to your enemies. Improve the destructive power of the spheres. You will become the most fearsome mage ever! It's time to eradicate the evil! 


As you progress, you will meet new creatures and characters. Unlock new abilities and spheres to use during battle and use the crystals you collect during each battle to upgrade your character and their abilities. Can you guide Evy through this magical world?


If you can’t win in a stage, touch Tap play’s Marble Duel tips and cheats will surely help!

(1) Plan your moves carefully

(2) Sabotage your opponent

You can easily sabotage your opponent by breaking sets of two balls when you have no match to make. 

(3) Purchase the upgrades smartly

With the earnings that you get from completing the stages: You can purchase upgrades to your stats. For the early stages, you follow this route: Red Balls first → Blue Balls second to increase your shield and dodge as much damage as possible. Always focus on upgrading your damage.

(4) Focus on combos

Build your board to create combos. The more matches you make, the more moves you will get. Try to go for these combo moves. If no combos are available, go for the longest pair.

(5) Replay unmastered stages after upgrades

If you might not be able to win all stages with three stars after your first play, keep on playing get more crystals. After you buy a few more upgrades, get back and get the stars that you are missing. 

(6) Work on your side

Some stages have the marbles placed in such a way that one end is unreachable from your side or the other is unreachable from your opponent’s side. So work on building up your side first → sabotage your enemy with the extra balls. 

(7) Eye on the shield!

On occasions, your opponent will manage to get its shield to 100% and it will dodge any attack from you. Always keep your eye on the shield and go for a weak attack if the opponent has it maxed out.


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  • Use the left mouse button to attack/ interact
  • Use the mouse scroll to zoom-in/ out the map
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