Maze Planet 3D GamePlay:

Maze Planet 3D is an interesting puzzle game at gogy two player games. In this game, you guide a ball through a series of complicated 3D mazes and your task is to reach the goal to complete the level. This game has many maze, each maze is a planet. Can you complete every level and show off your maze solving skills?


The mazes are beautifully rendered and are based in some amazing space landscapes, with 3D graphics and impressive camera angles. Maze Planet 3D of gogy free online brings you an exciting experience. This game has many planets, for each planet, you must complete the Normal Mode to unlock the 'Key Mode'.


Since you progress, the mazes will become increasingly difficult and more complex. The initial mazes only contain a small number of tunnels; but as you complete more levels, you will have to guide the ball through a huge number of twists, turns and corners. 


After completing a planet, you will have stars. You need these stars to unlock new planets. This game has mobile version for Android and iOS. You can download them on the Google Play and App Store. Good luck and have fun!


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★★★ Features ★★★

★ Stereographical mazes with a thematic planet

★ Very cool graphics

★ Normal and key mode

★ Adjustable zoom level



WASD or Arrows to move the ball

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