Wok Planet GamePlay:


Invaders have landed on the planet Vok, who want to conquer this world. In the new exciting online game Wok Planet, you will help the Woks defend themselves from them. Your character will be visible on the screen in front of you. You will have to control his actions to walk around the location and collect various resources and items. With their help, you will be able to build a Woks military base and develop various types of weapons. After that, your heroes will be able to advance towards the enemy and engage them in battle. Destroying your opponents will give you points. On them you can develop your base and develop even more weapons.

Woks lived in harmony with their planet for thousands of years, until uninvited guests appeared on it. The aliens were not very friendly and took over most of the world. Woks who could not hide are sent for experiments. The rest are forced to sit out in caves in anticipation of a miracle. But there are those who are not ready to put up with defeat. They created a resistance and fight back against the aliens. Become a member of the resistance, collect mechanisms and use the wok's special abilities to take back control of the planet!

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Instruction to play: Tap or click.

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