Omicronia GamePlay:

Who loves shooting games? Raise your hand! Because I will bring to you an interesting and attractive shooting game – Omicronian at gogy Games for school. Why is this shooting game so attractive and so interesting? Follow me and find out the answer! This game is always on the list of favorite shooting games of many people because of the unique gameplay.

This battle does not take place in normal contexts like labyrinths, cities, tunnels or wild houses. In this game you will have to fight with enemies who appear on your head. This will make you more difficult because they will attack continuously from the top down. In particular, enemies don’t appear individually, instead, they focus on one group and attack continuously towards you.

You will have two main missions in the game at Gogy 3: Shoot down the enemies above and avoid being killed by their bullets. After destroying the enemy, you will receive a few help tools such as money, energy, protection circle. At all costs you must collect these tools because they will help you avoid bullets and increase the power in the game. In particular, you must also pay attention to the energy column on the top. Whenever the energy column is low, you need to collect energy to sustain the battle.

After each level, the level of difficulty and speed of the game will be increased significantly. So watch out and shoot at the enemy. Besides, you also can play some similar games such as Jump Box Hero at http://gogy2.xyz


How to play? Use arrow keys to control your plane.