Ugi Bugi & Kisiy Misiy Summer GamePlay:

You must assist ugi bugi and kisiy misiy in their trip. Assist them and get them to the end of the level. While ugi and kisiy are having fun in the sun in this adventure, they must go under the tree to avoid being overpowered by the heat; they must both be beneath the tree, and they must both rush straight to the tree. Thorns can kill you, so be careful. In hard levels, team up with a friend to reach the finish line.

Also, invite your friends to join the game so that they can bring themselves lessons from challenges. Why don't you experience yourself in a few other similar puzzle games like Baby Panda Up at gogy 2 games huggy wuggy. Good luck and victory!


*Move to WASD + Arrow Keys

*Double Jump available

*Mobile Touch Control