Revenge Of The Triceratops GamePlay:

The dinosaurs frighten you and you can't forget the battle in the Revenge Of The Triceratops game online at http://gogy2.xyz/. Hornets are dominating your world and you will fight them to survive until the end of the game. This is a special match and you can hardly miss in your spare time a battle you have never participated in. Follow the instructions and you'll know how to fight another ferocious triceratops in this game.

Players are no longer bothered by ads or game loading speeds like in other games. You will discover the world of triceratops that live in colonies and fight until you can no longer step forward. The life of the dinosaurs will constantly have to fight to fight and defend the territory in the best way. Do you join this fight to survive the end of the battle? Surely this is one of the games that require the best skills you can explore in your free time. The triceratops is attacking you in this game at Gogy 2 xyz action games.

The number of dinosaurs will increase gradually and you need to fight until you win the last victory. Move away from the position where you are surrounded and use shooting skills to destroy all enemies. Surely you will be able to fight after the first few plays. Share with your friends if you find this to be a harsh battle you can't miss. Complete this game and unlock other similar games like Pixel Warrior and Mad Scientist.

How to play: Use arrows to move skillfully, space to shoot guns and M, N to change between different weapons and find a way to destroy all the triceratops that surround you

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