Robin Forest Run GamePlay:

Robin Hood – I’m sure you have heard about this name. Well, Robin Hood, a highly skilled archer and swordsman, is known for stealing money from the rich and giving it to the poor. Now in the Robin Forest Run, our hero is being hunted by the soldiers of the King. And, it seems that the pursuers were able to drive him into the forest and surround him from all sides.


Here at best Gogygames, your mission is to guide your character through the forest paths beating the pursuers. You are free to run anywhere, but get ready to face aggressive opponents at any point. As soon as you see the king's soldiers, bend your bow and shoot arrows at them. However, the soldiers also can attack you, and sometimes, there is more than one soldier on a piece of land. So, it’s ideal to kill an opponent with one shot and quickly prepare to deal with the others.


Stay focused, aim correctly and try to wipe out as many opponents as you can before they shoot you down. The highest EXP is automatically saved in the game. Then, replay and improve your skills to break the current record and set a new one. Have a good time!


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How to play?

Use arrow keys to move your character and press left mouse button to shoot your arrows.

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