Tap Touch Run GamePlay:

Today you are not interested in a game involving shooting, wrestling or torturing someone. You want something offering both entertaining and challenging, don’t you? Welcome you to Tap Touch Run at Gogy online - an interesting endless runner game. It offers 18 levels in total and each level brings to you a different scene. At here, your objective is to help the dog reach the finish line without getting hurt.


The dog automatically run, so you just need to change his running direction and help him jump over the deadly obstacles. Let’s see if you can help him avoid spikes or not at gogy for school for kids The road is not smooth and straight at all. You must turn left, turn right flexible and don’t run outside the white road. Stay focus and click on the screen at the right time to help the dog live longer.


Follow the arrows on the road and you will find the right way to the victory. You have to complete the current level successfully to unlock the next one. Besides, as you level up, the difficulty increases. Be prepare yourself to deal the upcoming challenges. After finishing all of 18 levels, I bet that your reaction is in another level. Have a great time. Don’t forget to play tons of amazing games at http://gogy2.xyz/ such as Tripolygon


How to play: Use left click to play this game.