Snowball Office Fight GamePlay:

The office space is too secretive and you will help them relax while participating in the Snowball Office Fight game at http://gogy2.xyz/. You are the main character in this game when throwing snowballs at other characters even Santa Claus with twice the number of normal people. If you miss, try to overcome this challenge as quickly as possible before they lose you. Your score will increase gradually after each snowball hit by the game characters or the mouse running on the floor. They will run very fast whenever they appear.

Therefore, you should destroy them before other characters in the office appear. When participating in this game, players can train on the speed of the game and help the office space become better after stressful working hours. This war has no end. You can reload the number of snowballs to always have 15 balls ready for each throw. A simple game for the Christmas season at Gogy2 Xyz free game has attracted many players around the world to join and complete the challenge without being bothered by advertising.

The appearance of the characters will not slow you down when participating in this game. We have made it possible for players to show their skills and share games and tips for playing games with your friends in their free time. Don't miss this journey today if you're ready for our exciting new gaming space. Players can update countless games similar to this game in their free time like Rise Up and Stick Golf. Be the best player to join our game.

Game controls: Left click to throw snowballs or reload your ball number