Summer Lake GamePlay:

Summer Lake is an exciting online fishing simulator game in which you can go fishing in a realistic environment. Take your fishing rod and let the fun begin! Here at Gogy games 2018, you catch fish and earn money. The more fish you catch, the more points you will score and the more cash you will get. You just need to perform some simple operations to catch a fish. There are also instructions available.


Once the image of fish appears in the upper line on the screen, it's time to pull the fish out of the water. You should pay attention to the line tension of the fishing line on the right side of the screen. It presents the level of the fish's traction reacting upon the fishing line. So, if the scale turns all red, the fishing line is probably broken. There are different types of fish in the game like Bluegill, Bowfin, Golden Redhorse and more.


Each fish has its own weight. The heavier the fish is, the higher amount of cash you will receive. The most interesting thing of this game is that you can use the cash you earn to purchase new lures, rods and fishing places. Check out at the menu and experience all 6 places, 24 types of lures and 7 types of rods. Enjoy your time!


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How to play?

Use your mouse to interact with the game if you play it on the computer and tap directly on the game screen when playing on other devices.

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