Sworm .io GamePlay:

Sworm .io is one of the most popular multiplayer games in Gogy 2. This game not only receives many positive feedback from the players but also brings a lot of interesting experiences to the users. The special feature of this game is the improvement in image and motion quality. The images and graphics are meticulously and carefully invested in every detail.


In particular, light effects are one of the indispensable elements in the game. Constant change of light and shimmering color of objects will attract your attention. 3D motion effects with sparkling light will bring players a memorable experience in life. Don’t hesitate anymore! Join this interesting multiplayer game at gogy game and show off your talent! Here you will control a snake and your purpose is to make it the longest snake in the game. How to make the snake longer?


All you need to do is to control your snake carefully and eat as many sparkling objects as possible. These objects will help your snake grow bigger and longer. To destroy the other snakes, you just need to make their head crash into your body. Then you have to take every opportunity to collect the pile of energy and get bigger. However, you should remember that the enemy will destroy you in the same way.


Keep away from the enemy's body or you will be killed. Follow this list of games below like Slither.io at http://gogy2.xyz to play more. Share this game with your friends and unlock special skins!


How to play?

Control your snake by using the mouse on the computer.