Tractor Mania GamePlay:

Luckily she smiled at you in this game? To know that, please join now in the game Tractor Mania at Gogy2 games If you are bored by fashion games then a good chance for you to relieve a lot but that boredom starts with a very intense car control battle.

You will control a rickshaw of yourself to move it and your goal is to transport the items from the warehouse to the factory. The more items you bring, the more coins you will get.

But moving can be extremely difficult. Because a car is heavy you cannot go up a hill so you have to adjust your speed appropriately. Launch the vehicle hard and then slowly to prevent the vehicle from overturning and stopping the game.

You can buy more tractors in your garage and improve them to go higher and move better for everyone to see. You are the best rickshaw transporter ever. You do not have a shop with innovative flower purchases for tractors a total of 4 tractors and 4 different trailers.

You can completely choose and have interesting things in your space. Create your path through all the steep roads. Challenge the front and control the car to the safest way to the finish line collecting yourself a high amount.

Are you confident you can go through unexpectedly steep roads at breakneck speeds? You need to test the best network speed and don't let things go too fast.

It's great that you can invite your friends to join the slot machine game Tractor Mania at Gogy2 kids games to give yourself a certain quest. Explore in addition to a few other similar fun rickshaw game genres Aviation Art Air Combat Slide at http://gogy2.xyz/.

Control: Use the arrows to be able to move the rickshaw uphill.

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