Tube Clicker GamePlay:

Tube Clicker at Gogy is a social work model on youtube that simulates the activities of a professional youtuber. Here you will have the opportunity to become a famous blogger and create attractive videos on your channel. It's important for you to increase the number of followers on your channel. This will help your viewers not miss any cool videos on your channel.


This also means that your channel's views are increasing and you can earn more. How to get more followers on your channel in the game at Gogy 2 game player? To get more followers, you need to build and produce interesting videos that capture the attention of users and lead the trends on social networks. Keep in mind that the more views on your channel, the more money you make in your pocket.


A simple way to help you increase views on each video is that you just tap the screen and get 1 view for your video. Besides, another important task for you is to update the videos regularly to meet the needs of the audience. Once you've made a lot of money, you can use it to buy support tools and increase your channel's followers. Here, you have a lot of effective tools after each level.


Take advantage of every opportunity to grow your channel and become the most popular person on Youtube. Don’t forget to play more with Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine at http://gogy2.xyz


Controls: You can play the game with the mouse on the computer.