Walkrazy GamePlay:

Haha! Do you feel scared when you go to the road? Don’t worry! Join Walkrazy game at Gogy and improve your response. In this game you will act as a normal person and your purpose is to clear the road in the safest way. However, you will encounter many difficulties and challenges when implementing this game because you will have to take traffic in a complex environment.


You will have to take traffic in a complicated intersection with many vehicles and no traffic police, no signal lights. So everything moves freely and doesn’t follow any rules on the road. You must watch carefully and move wisely as the means of transportation approach you. To control your character, you simply click on the "Fast" or "Slow" symbols to speed up or slow down as your character moves along the way. Whenever vehicles approach you, you should carefully watch and control your character moving in the correct direction to avoid causing an accident.


Here at Gogy unblocked game, you will only one life in each turn, so if you have an accident, the game also will end immediately. You can not stop your character or the vehicles, instead you can only move fast or slow to avoid collisions with vehicles.

With cool graphics and the attractive gameplay, I believe that this game will make you laugh happily every time. Are you ready to explore more? Check out some related games such as Angry Gran Run: Brazil at http://gogy2.xyz/



Play with your mouse on the computer.

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