2048 Drop GamePlay:

Drop all the numbers from top to bottom so that it starts in the right position so you can make the number with a larger sum initially. You can fully join the game 2048 Drop at gogy2 play online for free on all your computer and mobile browsers because it's completely fun. Get started now on the game.

Unlike other regular number-linking games, this is a top-to-bottom number drop game. You can arrange the position of the number by tapping or tapping the screen to where you want it to move. Where you want the number to go to add two identical numbers to make a larger number.

This game is an infinite number. So as long as you have enough confidence and your intelligence, you will be able to play this game in the most relaxing way without having to worry about anything. The game comes up with unexpected final numbers.

Try to use a clever piece of your observations so you can think about where to best fit the numbers to make up the largest numbers. Flip and drop positions of the next numbers can be placed here.

A game that looks simple at first glance but needs to make the most of your brain. Train yourself a wiser brain when participating in this game. Fun to share games 2048 Drop at Gogy kids games with and invite your friends to join to get your brains agile.

Find the maximum number required by the game. That discovery itself adds to a few other similar types of brain entertainment games Castle Blocks at http://gogy2.xyz/ 

Control: Use mouse to be able to arrange numbers together.