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The monster is feeling extremely hungry. So can you help it? Join now in the game Drop The Apple Into Mouth at Gogy2 play so you can earn yourself the highest score and pass all the levels at the same time.

This is a very simple game. There will be more apples moving and your aim is to drop the monster accurately. Sounds attractive, right? But this apple has moved very quickly. You need to be able to estimate the distance and position to be able to get this apple accurately into the monster's mouth.

Watch and use your skillful hands. The most accurate estimate then earned me this victory. The more apples you can drop into the monster's mouth, the higher your money will be. Do not miss any apple trying to get the required points to pass the level. Starting with lots of even more difficult challenges.

An interesting game that requires you very high skill but with your ability, I believe everything will draw simple. And you can have fun in a very interesting configuration. With red apples and countless thoughts ahead. Take the apple where someone else needs it.

How many difficulty levels can you overcome in this game? I believe that everything will be simple at your fingertips. Please share this fascinating game Drop The Apple Into Mouth at Kids games gogy2  for your life partners who transformed into monsters collecting a lot of red apples.

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Control: Use the mouse to be able to drop lots of apples down.

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