Drop And Squish GamePlay:

Choose the suitable balls to drop onto the high glass and do your best to squish them until they become a muddle of color! Not only is this a brand new version of the gogy games interactive game but it also brings the ultimate relaxing experience to the players! The game focuses on the work of dropping the balls onto the glass. Keep in mind that you only have a limited number of balls to drop, therefore, arrange the order correctly.

Estimate which color to drop first and which to go next. You need to make sure that your ball arrangement can be exactly the same as the given sample. On the first few levels, making similar results as the requested images will be easy because of the simplicity of the color arrangement. Once you have progressed to the higher levels, there will be more to consider and more colors to think of.

When you are sure that the balls are in the right place according to your imagination, start squishing to make the sand spread all over the glass. This will allow the sand balls to become the exact pool of colors you need them to be. After finishing the work and conquering the requirements, you can sell your perfect sets of glass to any buyer here at https://gogy2.xyz/! You can also smash it if you don't want to sell it to anyone.

Enjoy the relaxation and the good feeling of smashing a puddle of colored balls into small muddles as well as the vibrant and hyper-realistic graphics for kids in this game. Moreover, our new game list is filled with daily replenished gaming options such as Money Land or Weightlifting Beauty, with a variety of genres, themes, mechanisms, and rules for you to share with some friends!

Controlling keys:

Click the mouse or touch the screen to interact and play.

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