Bowroyale.io GamePlay:

All it takes is one button to control the character in BowRoyale.io! You can look forward to this recently added Gogy shooting game thanks to its special feature as a one-button battle game which takes place in the Dark Ages. The graphics have a dark theme with 3D characters. You will use your only weapon, the bow, and arrow, to kill your opponents on site.

For each peasant that you manage to defeat, your reward is a Victory that can be used to unlock new titles of honor and notoriety! From the lady to the knight, let's show us which title of honor is the highest for you. There are a total of 16 participants in each round, so prepare yourself to reflex quickly. You stand on the left side of the field while the opponents are on the other side. After one is taken down, another enemy will show up. You need to aim by estimating the distance, then hold the button and release at the right timing to get a clear shot. A headshot will be the best to eliminate the enemies in the shortest time possible.

The ultimate goal is to become the last lord or lady standing among the crowd of shooters in http://gogy2.xyz/. A tip for the newcomers is to use the practice time given to you at the beginning of the game to learn. By doing this, any shot you make later will be precise! Challenge yourself with harder shooting games like Rusher.io and Twix.io


Hold and release the spacebar to aim and fire.

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