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Squid Run is an endless running game designed to be fun and unique. You have been deceived! The secret person has offered you a lot of easy money if you can survive. But you realized that this is a game in which no one will survive. The only way out for you is to escape, how far can you escape the squid game without dying? Prove your endurance... Unfortunately, the guards have set up many traps to stop you. Be careful, avoid poison and thorns and don't get caught! Good luck player!

 In the movie, competitors battle each other in a deadly tournament for the grand prize. The last person standing is the winner of the prize. The consequences for failure are extreme, with losers being eliminated immediately. It’s a child’s game with a horrific twist.

Online players can play this game in a virtual environment. Play the Squid Game, Red Light/Green Light, or any of the other games in the same group, or using the same characters from the other games.

Do you want to find something more entertaining? Then, Twerk Race 3D and Dinosaur Run are 2 options that you should try. Fun!

Instruction to play: Mouse!

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