Sokoboom GamePlay:

If you want to test your logical thinking ability, don’t forget the opportunity to explore the Sokoboom online game at www gogy. I believe that it is very interesting for intellectual game lovers. That opening each locks will give you a great experience. This game is for a single player. Your goal is very simple and attractive. In the stone labyrinth, there are already placed wooden boxes and marked places.


You need to use your logical thinking ability to get the crates to the marked position. Note that, you should try to complete the goal with the least number of steps. You can move the crates by pushing left, right, up or down, but away from the stone walls they will make you unable to move the crates.. When you move the crate into the correct position, the next lock will be opened.


You will continue to challenge with harder levels requiring more creative logic. Until you open all thirty locks, you are the final winner. Do you have confidence in your thinking ability? How many locks will you open? It all depends on your brain and your observation. What are you waiting for? Enjoy this game now!


Do not forget to share with your friends when you experience Sokoboom game for free. Besides, if you love this type of game, you can try some similar games such as Surf Riders and Dot Adventure at http://gogy2.xyz/.



Use arrow keys to control your character in the game.

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