Scuba Turtle GamePlay:

Scuba Turtle is a fun and lovely game which is loved by thousands of players around the world. With eye-catching graphic design and live images will bring the fun to the players. So do not miss out on the chance to explore Scuba Turtle online in Gogy right now. The game will bring you a lot of experience in life. In this game, the turtle is wearing diving gear and ready to explore the ocean.


The turtle will swim through a cave where have many obstacles and challenges. Your goal is to help the turtles swim through the cave by using the mouse to drag the turtle up or down to avoid underwater cliffs and avoid making harmful marine creatures and other hazards in the cave. So, you have to look very fast, use the mouse to move accurately if not your turtle will hit the obstacles and the game will end immediately.


There are many obstacles in the cave: sharp cliffs, poisonous sea creatures, and countless other dangers. One more thing, you should be careful with every move because deadly traps will appear everywhere and destroy you. How far will the turtle move? You will show how good your observation It all depends on your ability. Are you ready to start your adventure right now? Do not forget to share with your friends when you experience Scuba Turtle on gogy free games.


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Use the mouse to control the turtle swimming up or down in the game.

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