Tap2block GamePlay:

Tap2block introduces players to interesting content about a tap game. You move the ball and spill the blue blocks. Wait for the ball to move to your position to hit the ball. If you miss this moment, the game will be over. Therefore, be ready for a new journey without being disturbed like when playing games at other websites. With this advantage, Gogy games are always selected by many players to relax after every stressful studying hour. Surely you are no stranger to shooting games.

However, with this great game space, players are completely ready to explore and relax to win the level. The ball will move as fast as possible and you will become the best player to top the rankings. The list of new games is constantly updated daily. Choose your favorite theme and win our awesome game space today. Numerous players have joined this game and shared their gaming tips. The ball must move several times to knock over positive blocks. Your mission becomes more important than ever to complete the level. Gogy online extends game space with countless unique games that other websites do not.

This special feature has always made us a reliable place with millions of free games for the most difficult players to join and overcome challenges. What will hinder you in those journeys? Are you ready for the countless secrets ahead? Stars lurking wherever you go. Get ready as soon as you have free time to discover great things, unlike the real world. You can completely explore other similar games on your new journey like Wild Rhino Hunter and Wheel Smash. Be the best player today.

Instructions: Left click to push the ball up and spill blue blocks

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