Anti Body GamePlay:

You want to destroy all the opponents. You want to be the best player. Do not miss the chance to discover the Anti Body online game in Gogy 2. You will be attracted to the first time. This game is for a player. You will act as an antibody. You will have to fight the viruses to protect yourself. You will move to catch the moving viruses. Note you only stand away from it and do not touch it otherwise you will lose your network. You will have to play that level again.


Each level has a time limit and points to reach. If you pass you will gain new levels. You will destroy any virus it will display the color of the virus above you to identify. When you reach high scores you can choose to buy yourself a new antibody that will help kill more viruses. You will collect all the drug icons and white pills to increase your strength and increase your time to kill more viruses.


Each level will have certain time periods, network numbers and points to achieve. You will try to destroy all the viruses at that level. How many levels will you pass? How many points will be gained and how many new antibodies will be purchased?


It all depends on your ability. Do not forget to share this fun game with your friends. If you love the game you can join the games like First Snow and Space Driving at http://gogy2.xyz/. I believe that these games will bring you many wonderful moments and experiences in life. Have a great time!



You will use the mouse to move the antibodies and catch the malicious viruses.

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